AQV water filters

The AQV 5, 12 and 18 are 4-in-1 filter systems that remove GenX, viruses, bacteria, hormones, medicines, pesticides from the water, among others. The system mineralizes, revitalizes and eventually makes the water basic (alkaline). Crystal clear and healthy drinking water in an instant.
Choose as an option for ordinary or alkaline.
The advantages

ABS This water filter is made of ABS. A very durable plastic that does not release BPA, phthalates or other toxic substances.
Glass collecting tank
The beautiful glass collection tank is handcrafted in a traditional glass blowing factory in South Korea. The blue glass is intended to filter UV light. The glass is clear, looks beautiful and is easy to clean.
Excellent filtering Extensive filtering through a 0.2 micron (0.0002 mm) ceramic pre-filter and a multi-step filter. As a result, GenX, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, medicine residues, pesticides, chlorine and hormone residues are filtered on average 99% from the water.
Alkaline or non-alkaline When ordering, you can choose between an alkaline or non-alkaline system. In the alkaline version, the pH of the filtered water is increased by 1-1.5 pH point to slightly basic water. In the non-alkaline system, the filtered water becomes pH neutral at around 7.3.
Convenience Make tap water deliciously filtered mineral water without any effort, never having to carry water bottles again. Can be placed anywhere (no power or water connection is required).
Savings Save on the high costs of (unfiltered) bottled water and save the environment.
Excellent taste The carbon also removes unpleasant odors and flavors from the water. Experience the wonderful taste of filtered water.
Low maintenance Only replace the filters once every six months and the mineral stones once every three years.
With the AQV 5, 12 and 18 filters you can make drinking water from rain or ditch water, which is why this water filter is very suitable for emergencies.

AQV – Technology
In nature, mineral-rich water is created because rainwater slowly seeps through different soil layers. As a result, it is filtered and absorbs minerals and trace elements. The AQV water filter systems also work according to this principle.

Nature By using gravity, the filtering process in the Aqualine system mimics nature. So no power is needed!
Superior in filtering The AQV systems are demonstrably capable of filtering an average of 99% of the pollutants from the water. The performance level of the Aqualine systems is therefore comparable or even superior to the filtration in most other water systems that cost up to ten times the price and also require electricity. Makes tap, rain (ton), river or ditch water clear and healthy drinking water.
Mineralization Due to the Elvan mineral stones, the filtered water is provided with various minerals that are naturally present in water.
Vitalizing The 4 magnets of 1,200 Gauss in the tap make the water swirl as it behaves in nature. This is a physical process (Schauberger principle) through which the water is vitalized. For example, vitalization is widely used in horticulture. Just swirling the water makes for better harvests.

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